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Author Interview

Candy Mitchell

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we?!

My name is Candy, and I’m what many people would refer to me as the friendly neighborhood goth. I love peculiar things and absolutely love nature. I am also a fantasy artist (painting). I am happily married, and we share one three-year-old son and three rescue dogs.

What prompted you to pursue a career as a writer?

For as long as I can remember I always enjoyed reading, and I loved writing poetry. Poetry turned into short stories, and then into novels. I was scared to become an author, but I’m not the type of person to not move forward with my dreams.

 Do you have any special writing habits?

I like to listen to music at least on low to help the flow going, but with a three-year-old it’s hard to have an actual habit.

When you write a new book, do you already have the whole story in mind or do you elaborate it along the way?

Ideas come to me in fragments. I see a scene in my head while I’m awake or even in my dreams. It’s usually a tiny scene that I can see very vividly, but none of the actual story is told yet.

 In your opinion what is the best book you have written? What’s your favourite book ever?

This is hard to answer since I’m a new author. I think that when I have more books written I can answer that question. I couldn’t decide on my favorite book of all time. It’s so hard to compare why I’m in love with one book versus another. I would say that The Hobbit was the first book that I really remember being so in awe of. I read it in fourth grade, and I think to this day it’s one of the reasons why I love fantasy so much.

 How do you feel after writing a book?

Nervous mainly. I want things to be perfect because I am so hard on myself with things, so it’s a happy feeling, but nervous about showing it to other people. I imagine the older I get the less I will care what other people think.

 Tell us about your latest book and please put the link so our readers can find it.

I actually just released a dark fantasy book called Goodbye, Theodore. It’s about a small town called Harthsburg that has magical creatures from another world who start plucking people from the town. One person is Theodore, and when his friends find out they try to save him. This is the first book in the trilogy.


Where can we find you on socials? Do you have your own group and want to share it with us?

You can find me on FB and IG by searching @thepeculiarfairy. I also have a website where I have some short stories and other blogs.  

Adina D. Grey is a USA Today and International Bestselling Author. She was born and raised in Italy so it's no surprise she has a huge addiction to coffee, dogs, and books. Her book addiction and passion for travelling led her into the creative world of words where she writes, blogs, and beta reads. Her writing covers various sub genres and tropes but she's a sucker for a HEA, this is a cliffhanger free zone. When she's not writing or reading you can find her entertaining her toddler and husband, and enjoying family life.

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