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Author Interview


Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we?!

Hi, I’m J*

What prompted you to pursue a career as a writer?

It’s not a career. Words are how I express myself creatively.

 Do you have any special writing habits?

I Free associate.

 When you write a new book, do you already have the whole story in mind or do you elaborate it along the way?

Elaborate it along the way.

 In your opinion what is the best book you have written? What’s your favourite book ever?

I have too many favourite books! As a kid, I liked Alice in wonderland, The secret garden, C.s. Lewis Narnia chronicles, The wizard of Oz and Charlie and The chocolate factory. Probably the common theme between all 3 of them is the magical adventures!

 How do you feel after writing a book?

Amazed and accomplished!

 Tell us about your latest book and please put the link so our readers can find it.

I have an e-book titled BiG Secret Life that I will be giving away for free to readers who sign up on my website at

 Do you have a new release? When? We want details.

I have an upcoming bedtime book called NIGHT TO DAY. It’s about how change is natural to the cycle of life, and no matter how dark a night, a bright new day brings renewed hope.

 Do you have a pre-order link? Share it with us

For now, sign up at  to join the inner circle for more details.

Where can we find you on socials? Do you have your own group and want to share it with us?

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