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Author Interview

Joyce S. Isaacson

Let’s get you introduce to everyone, shall we?

Hello everyone, my name’s Joyce S. Isaacson and I am an author with a book called Wish You Were Here: A Rock Fantasy inspired by Badfinger that is receiving great reviews.

What prompted you to pursue a career as a writer?

I won a poetry contest in 3rd grade and it jumped started my writing journey.

Do you have any special writing habits?

I write when I am inspired. Sometimes inspiration will happen when I am doing something else.

When you write a new book, do you already have the whole story in mind or do you elaborate it along the way?

Pretty much have the outline in my head.

In your opinion what is the best book you have written? What’s your favourite book ever?

My current book Wish You Were: A Rock Fantasy. My all time favorite book is Inca Gold.

How do you feel after writing a book?

Over the moon, I accomplished my goal. I can now make other people happy with my story.

Tell us about your latest book and please put the link so our readers can find it.

A friendship that defies time and space  
This Rock Fantasy, the expanded edition, bridges the love between band-mates with the Pop-Paranormal, set to a killer soundtrack. After years of depression following the death of his soul brother, Tomas Alvers finds himself in Heaven. 

Guided by the angel Gabriel, Tomas sets out on a Dantean adventure, hoping to reunite with his beloved lead singer. Along the way, Tomas encounters famous artists and performers laughing and learning from each other, in a grueling quest to rock the heavens!    These inspiring characters help him navigate the strange land and its ever-changing rules, as he fights in a grueling quest to find his mate- He only has a certain amount of time to apologize or let his friend know he is sorry before the chance is gone in case his friend is reborn.  

 Do you have a new release? When? We want details.

I have a sequel called Wish You Were Here: Heavenly Encounters that will hopefully be put on preorder soon. CAN HEAVEN GET ANY CRAZIER?  Rockstar Tomas, faced with new missions and adventures, finds that searching for his friend is not as simple as he had hoped. In this second in series heavenly fantasy, Tomas meets new souls and encounters some surprises along the way. He discovers a mysterious stone as bright as eternal light, keeping him balanced while in heaven’s lower levels. Tomas is granted a divine appointment with Princess Lady Deana wherein she commands him to complete a task. Along the way, he discovers an exact replica of his past–the same club he debuted with his own band. How will Tomas be able to resolve the past and find his bandmate, all while ensuring he completes his assignment before it is too late?

Where can we find you on socials? Do you have your own group and want to share it with us?

My group is on Facebook called Wish You Were Here: A Rock Fantasy by Joyce Isaacson inspired by Badfinger

Adina D. Grey is a USA Today and International Bestselling Author. She was born and raised in Italy so it's no surprise she has a huge addiction to coffee, dogs, and books. Her book addiction and passion for travelling led her into the creative world of words where she writes, blogs, and beta reads. Her writing covers various sub genres and tropes but she's a sucker for a HEA, this is a cliffhanger free zone. When she's not writing or reading you can find her entertaining her toddler and husband, and enjoying family life.

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