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Author Interview

M. Renae

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we?!

My name is M. Renae. I’m a child of the almighty God. I’m a mother of four. I’m the author of Allowed 2 Cheat: When Marriage Takes A Wrong Turn. Published April 21, 2020.

 What prompted you to pursue a career as a writer?

I wrote my memoir in obedience to God. I was at a place in life where I was questioning my reason for being. God gave me that title of my book in a dream. At first I was very hesitant to write and eventually release my memoir because I felt ashamed and embarrassed. However in obedience to God and the purpose that God has for my life I wrote and released my memoir.

Do you have any special writing habits?

My memoir was a journal. I still today journal every night before I go to bed. I use journaling as a release.

 When you write a new book, do you already have the whole story in mind or do you elaborate it along the way?

I use a little bit of both!

 In your opinion what is the best book you have written? What’s your favourite book ever?

I’ve only written my memoir so of course that’s my favorite for now!

 How do you feel after writing a book?

I felt so proud of myself. I knew that it was coming but it didn’t feel real until I was able to see my memoir on amazon.

Tell us about your latest book and please put the link so our readers can find it.

My memoir is about feeling powerless in a marriage but realizing that this is what you allowed so now you have to gain the courage that only God can give you to get out of:

Do you have a new release? When? We want details.

I don’t have a new release as of yet but I am working on another project. With Gods help my prayer is to have another book released by mid to end 2021.

 Where can we find you on socials? Do you have your own group and want to share it with us?






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