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Author Interview

OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo

Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we?!

I am OMOLOLA Adams Olatayo, a public health expert with versed experience in public health issues. I’ve been writing right from my childhood age, am a passionate writer and an advocate for quality and equity in healthcare system. I’ve written many scholarly research articles published in international journals, also co author a book series. My books are available in EBook format and Paperback available on Amazon.

 What prompted you to pursue a career as a writer?

I have passion for writing, as I always say ” writing is me and I am the writing”

 Do you have any special writing habits?

There is no special habitfor writing, it is based on instincts, environmental influences, social activities and inspiration

 When you write a new book, do you already have the whole story in mind or do you elaborate it along the way?

Not all the times but sometimes I already had

 In your opinion what is the best book you have written? What’s your favourite book ever?

I can’t which is my favourite book, because they were written on different circumstances

 How do you feel after writing a book?

I feel elated and happy

 Tell us about your latest book and please put the link so our readers can find it.

As I said, am a public health expert, I studied different ways government reacted to the current pandemic outbreak. This book critically analyzed the responses with thier challenges.

Do you have a new release? When? We want details.

August 24,2020

 Where can we find you on socials? Do you have your own group and want to share it with us?

Facebook: Omolola Adams Olatayo

 Instagram: adamshealthblog

 YouTube: Adams



Adina D. Grey is a USA Today and International Bestselling Author. She was born and raised in Italy so it's no surprise she has a huge addiction to coffee, dogs, and books. Her book addiction and passion for travelling led her into the creative world of words where she writes, blogs, and beta reads. Her writing covers various sub genres and tropes but she's a sucker for a HEA, this is a cliffhanger free zone. When she's not writing or reading you can find her entertaining her toddler and husband, and enjoying family life.

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