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Book Review

Cursed by Fate (The All Seeing Eye – Book One) by Renee Shearer


Haunted by her past. Stalked in the present. Terrified of the future.

Ariana isn’t just your average twenty-one year old.
She’s also cursed.
For five hundred years, her family line has been cursed to ensure there would never again be an All-Seeing-Eye. They are the balancers of the Light and Dark, with abilities beyond anything the world remembers. To break the curse, she must pass three trials, find her mates and make them hers.
Easy right?
One problem…she has to do all of this before she turns twenty-two, or she’s dead.

Ariana has already passed two of the trials, and they almost destroyed her. But she got her two beautiful daughters, who she wouldn’t trade for anything.

But with a sadistic killer stalking her every move, can she trust the six devilishly handsome men tasked with her and her daughters protection?
She knows deep down they are the final piece of the puzzle to break the curse.
How when she can’t even stand the thought of a man touching her? She doesn’t know yet, but will have to figure it out quick.
With her past threatening her future, can she survive long enough to learn how to love a man…, let alone break a centuries old curse? Or will the third trial prove to be too much, breaking her instead?

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My Review ♥♥♥♥♥

Despite the slow begging, I fell in love with this book. 

When you find yourself in front of so many characters, you feel lost… but I have to give credit to the author who has been able to set up everything making all so homogeneous and easy to adapt.

 Once you become familiar with the characters, every time in the book, you read their name, the character immediately appears in your head, and you begin to imagine the scene and their dialogues. 

Ariana is a wonderful 21-year-old girl who is leading a seemingly everyday life and is raising her two daughters Zoey and Avery, on her own. 

Through the story, you will find out that Ariana tries to picture herself as a normal girl. In reality, she is an All Eye Seeing who discovers all her magical power and the curse that has been attaching to her family for centuries, and six handsome and sexy as hell men will try to help her overcome this curse. 

I don’t go beyond explaining everything because I would stay here all day, getting lost in the most magical and lustful details. 

Worth reading for sure, and I recommend it. 

The book’s ending leaves you wanting to know what happens next. And I can’t wait to find out.

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