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Book Review

Romancing a Pirate by Raelle Logan


1688, Britain

Her father slain by cruel pirates, beauty Lone Stafford becomes a pirate herself at the behest of her father’s hidden privateer marque that she’s commanded to resume on his behalf or find herself imprisoned by the British Crown. In her quest to lure her father’s killer to justice, Lone becomes stranded aboard the Slayer of the Dragon, a pirate ship captained by her father’s worst adversary, Hunter Draylin. She enlists Hunter’s reluctant aid, desperate to unbury Jonathan Stafford’s horrifying treachery and his killer, a quest that ferries her down a prickly path of destruction. Hunter Draylin fights a war against his lustful, seduced heart. If he falls for Lone, he risks betraying his own father’s memory, for he knows Lone’s father as the Red Raven, a brutal brigand who killed his father in a ruthless search for a shipwrecked treasure that no pirate possesses the exact crypt for. Torn by his starvation for blood vengeance he’s never to receive and hungry to possess Lone and keep her lying in his bed, Hunter questions her innocence of the Red Raven’s tyranny. Is he a fool to trust her? Alas, his lust for Lone becomes too alluring for him to forsake. He cannot resist her. Lone battles blood-lusting pirates, swiping murderous swords, all while frenzied for Hunter’s seductive caresses, a rakish rogue whose own past lies cloaked in mysterious shadow, a pirate she cannot refuse who holds the key to her desirous heart. Will she survive the betrayal forged by exposing the nefariousness surrounding her or will devils reign divine and she’ll never grasp her one and only chance to romance a pirate, all owing to the venomous curse that webs a lost treasure in a blood-tinctured shroud of death.

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My Review ♥♥♥♥♥

I’ve never ventured into pirate readings, but this time, I’ve given it a go. And I was pleasantly impressed.
A well-written story with fantastic characters, then there’s Hunter and Lone, oh my sweet heart, you definitely can’t miss them.
The author sent us in 1688, a time very far from our days in many respects. We meet with Lone and her sister May. During a ball, Lone, who hates social evenings, hides herself to avoid the gentlemen who want to dance, but the same cannot be said of her sister, who is with her admirers. Lone waits for her father to show up at the ball, considering that young
ladies alone at a ball was frowned upon by the aristocracy, but their father did not come.
Returning home, a gentleman, the constable, knocks on the door of the manor and announces that her father was killed not far from there. Shocked and speechless, she remains incredulous but must be strong for herself and for her sister.
A week after her father’s funeral, Lone is summoned by the solicitor, who explains that her father has left a substantial inheritance to the two girls. What Lone does not know is that his father was a pirate, a hired pirate, who by signing a contract with the British Crown, committed him for life. Having died, the firstborn took over. How could a woman become a pirate? Yet the choice would have been that or end up imprisoned for life. She walks in
search of a decision to take and goes to the dock, searching for his father’s twenty ships, and gets on the first ship she finds.
By the time she meets Captain Hunter, the ship had already sailed and could not turn back so that she would be his guest on the next voyage. Couldn’t he, or was it Hunter who didn’t want to? Obviously, it was him who didn’t want it both because he discovered that she was the daughter of the man he wanted to take revenge on and because he was attracted to Lone too.
But what happens next, are Hunter and Lone destined to be together? Will Lone choose to be a pirate or she will break the contract with the Crown?
I think I spoiled a lot more than necessary, but if you want to take an adventurous journey and follow in the footsteps of Hunter and Lone, that’s it, buy the book, lower the sails, and
set sail, pirates.

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