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Book Review

Safe with You by Lizzie James


Stalker. A person who can harass or persecute with obsessive and unwanted attention.
I used to think that I was happy, that I had met the one for me.
I was wrong.
He betrayed me.
He thought that I would accept that… I didn’t. When I met Alex, he set me free. He made me feel things for him that I never felt for David. I was ready to turn the page and start a new life.
But Instead, a person that I thought cared for me, wanted to wreck the little world that I had made for myself.
He wanted to break me.
To make me crumble.
When you realise how broken you’ve become, how do you deal with it?
When the person you love gets taken from you, how do you go on?
Will the one at your side hold your hand and help you up or will they leave you as the broken mess you have now become?
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My Review ♥♥♥♥♥

Alex, Addie, James, and even Anton are amazing, well-built, and likeable characters.
Charlie and Alex are friends, and after years, he finally decides to ask her for a date, also thanks to Addie, her best friend. Why does he hesitate? Because he knows that Charlie is worth the wait and also because she came out of a relationship that marked her.
Do we want to talk about Charlotte’s ex, David? To be hated, punched, whipped, and repeat this all over again and again. I won’t add anything else; otherwise, I would spoil too much.
I empathized with Charlotte, and often I really wanted to go into the story and shake her to make her come to her senses.
I must admit that Lizzie is not a new author to me. I have read some of her books and will continue to do so until she releases more.
In Safe with You, the story is so well-written that the reader connects with the characters by living the story.
I read this book in one day. This book is so mesmerizing that It kept me glued to it and on the edge of the seat.
Lizzie James did it again: a fantastic book.
This book is so interesting that you get lost in it and start to experience every emotion, every mood, every tear, jealousy, fear, and happiness. Well, you get the point.
Twists and secrets are scattered throughout the book. When you already think you can imagine how things will go, here is where our sweet Lizzie changes the direction leading you to another secret to be revealed.
You can’t miss this romance; Safe with You is a book to be reread, and it is one of the best book that must be on your bookshelf.

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