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A Kiss in Santorini

Publisher: Fiery Vision Publishing

Release Date: November 27, 2020

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Lander Cunningham, a local Vinter, is intrigued with Greek wine making. Wanting to further his knowledge in sea-aged wine, he takes a trip to Santorini.
Arriving in town, he ventures out into the town’s slender streets, lined with shops and tourists. A winery that has been recommended by locals is first on his agenda. At the winery, he notices the signature blue doors. Swinging the door open, he walks inside scanning the tasting room. In the corner is a stunning brunette. Finding the right words he strikes up a conversation.
The beautiful brunette is Grace Poolerson. She’s there on a getaway after her fiance of three years left her at the altar. Heartbroken, vulnerable and alone, she’s drawn to Lander.
A week of romance, wine and fun put things into perspective for Lander and Grace. Discovering a little about each of themselves. They’re left to make a decision that could impact the rest of their lives.
The wine from Santorini is a true potion for passion.

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