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Chase & The Girl Who Came Back

Author: Amber Davis

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Chase and the girl who came back is a Young Adult Contemporary Romance set in Australia.

Chase had it all planned out. He would finish school, move to New Hope and keep living his best life – no regrets. Nothing was going to change. Well that’s what he thought.

When a mysterious girl with familiar blue eyes shows up in his driveway, his world shifts. He didn’t realise something was missing until he met her.

Yasmin has walls around her – shadows from her past follow her everywhere. Who is this guy who bulldozed into her life, and why does he make her feel safer than ever before?


Amber Davis is an avid reader who after lots of encouragement from her friends, decided it was time to put pen to paper and write the book that had been niggling at her for some time.

When she isn’t working or reading, she’s binge watching TV shows and re-watching ALL the Disney movies. She’s a massive fan of all things Disney and has quite a large collection of books and Elmo’s.

Amber is originally from Queensland but has been living in Melbourne with her dog Bella for the past 5 years.




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