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Intoxication by Charlene Namdhari

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“Take a risk. Just for the pleasure of it.”

My past:
He was my lover.

My present:
He’s my future father-in-law.

My future:
Who do I choose? Promises are not meant to be broken. Are they?

NOTE: Please be aware that this book deals with sensitive topics like cheating.

My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Drake and Sia, oh my God.
When her heel breaks in the middle of the airport due to the rush, Sia is helped by a handsome man, and instinctively she kisses him to thank him. A kiss that triggers so many emotions, shaking her soul, scaring her, making her run away.
But fate knows how to fix things, and it makes them meet again. For fun, out of curiosity of their intense attraction, Sia and Drake spend a night together, a night that will remain in both memories.
Happiness is just a breath of illusion, though, and Sia decides to go away, leaving Drake sleeping, without saying goodbye and leaving him the phone number.
Will Drake be able to find her? Will the two give themselves a chance despite the age gap?

This book made me dream, despite the sleepless night passed because I couldn’t put it down. Well written, fun, and passionate. A perfect combination.

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