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Out of Your League (Shoot Your Shot #2) by Joe Satoria

MM Sports Romance (heavier on romance)


⚽️ Enemies-to-Lovers ⚽️ Bisexual Awakening ⚽️ Second Chance


Falling for my high school bully was never my plan.


After growing up in Becker Bay, it was the last place I thought I’d be forced to look for talent as a football scout. Least of all, finding my high school bully trying to impress me.

Ricky Stone swears he’s the best, and he’s willing to show me a good time to prove it—who am I to ignore the advances of an attractive man?

RICKYI was a king on the football pitch; destined for greatness, signed a pro contract at 16, then ten years on and nothing’s changed. Except for seeing a guy who once kissed me.

Marcus Mitchell has the power and contacts to make or break my football career, and I’ll do whatever it takes to win him over—but first I’ll need a drink.Read MARCUS and RICKY’s story!

My Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Marcus and Ricky, classmates in high school, both end up in detention during a lesson: because Ricky was drawing during the lesson and Marcus was distracted by Marcus’ drawings. In that detention room, Marcus kisses Ricky. That kiss changed everything between them, the rumor that Marcus was gay leaked, and he starts to be bullied.
Eleven years later, Marcus is forced by his father to return to Becker Bay. To find a new talent to be included in the premier league. And that’s a nightmare for Marcus.
Ricky never left Becker Bay. He continued to improve his passion for football, becoming even a better player. Too bad for his vices, especially drinking that ruins him, often leaving him without money.
When the two meet, we have fun and profound moments. Will Ricky be able to get a seat on a premier league team? And what will happen when one of his vices threatens to ruin everything he worked for? As usual a fantastic book, full of emotions, but on the other hand, we already know that Joe gives us unique journeys through his books.

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