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48 MAC by SH Richardson

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The Junkyard Gang:


…Time is a river of passing events.

Otelia MaeI was imprisoned in his penthouse for forty-eight hours.Used as a pawn in a bare-knuckle death match. Before all of this, I was a woman in search of love. 2880 minutes were enough to change my trajectory. Now danger surrounds my every move. The dark criminal who captured my soul just may prove to be my savior.

Darragh MacCabe

As youngest son to an Irish mob family, I rose above my menial standing.I earned a reputation as a ruthless kingpin in the underground fight circuit. Blood and bone, I make my own rules. An old enemy wanted to seize control of what took years to build. Gunning for an enterprise and a woman’s life that wasn’t theirs to take.I alone control them both. And I’ll kill to protect what’s mine.

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