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Spiteful Punks by Madeline Fay

Pre order for Spiteful Punks! March 5th, 2021!

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What do you do when you’re so empty inside, you feel nothing?When all you’ve ever known was pain?You run.

That’s what I did—I ran away without once looking back.People say starting over is the best way for a new beginning, but that’s far from the truth if you end up back where you began. Sometimes life likes to throw lemons at you really hard until there’s nothing left to do but make lemonade.

I’ve known pain, but not the kind that messes with my heart.That is until Logan, Dalton, Trey, and Nicholas came into my life without a warning label.

I’m not prepared, and I’m afraid after fighting since day one…they might just be the reason I finally break.

*A dark, why choose bully romance.*Trigger warning, dark themes that may be sensitive for some readers. Enter with caution. Abuse mentally and physical, rape, child abuse, drug use, sexual scenes, violence, swearing. +18.

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