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Alone with you (Anyone but you anthology) by C.N. Marie

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Release date: February 16th 2021


I had the chance to read another story by the author. So I already knew that the author sweetness enters your heart.

Harlow, Johnny, and Elijah are three friends who grew up together. Johnny and Elijah are like brothers, and there is a pact between them: sisters are off-limits. And so it has been, at least so far. Johnny and Elijah were always Harlow’s custody angels during their childhood. When Harlow and Johnny’s parents died in an accident, something changed. The two friends become more protective of Harlow to the point of being hateful, making her life, a real hell. After graduation, Harlow leaves for two years, living her free life, but when her employer announces that she will sell the place where she works, she feels compelled to go home. When Elijah sets his gaze no longer on a teen Harlow but on the woman she became, he begins to see her with different eyes. And the same goes for Harlow. Will the two take a chance? Or will Elijah keep free from the deal he made years ago with Johnny?


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