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Havenwood Prequel (Havenwood Shifters: Book 0.5) by Andrea Marie

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Welcome to Havenwood Forest! Where anything can happen!


I live my life pretty well the same everyday. I jog in the morning, have breakfast at the diner, spend time with my friends, do chores, and then sometimes help my parents’ at their bar. Who knew, that one particular night while I was at the bar, I was going to meet him.


My family and pack has lived in Havenwood Forest for many generations, and many more still to come. It started out as any other normal day. My brother, Gabriel and I made a deal that if he would go running with me, I would go with him and Heather to the town’s local bar. Who would’ve thought that I would scent and meet my Fated Mate.

Havenwood Forest; where Shifters live, long, and find their Fated Mates!

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