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Sweet Thang (Valentine’s Short Story) by Andrea Marie

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How can a medical emergency, end in a Valentine’s dream come true?


I’ve only been at the bike shop for an hour when I get one of the worse calls of my life. My dad suffered a heart attack and has been taken to the local hospital. I instantly shut everything down, make a few phone calls, then head to be at his bed side. After three hours, and not enough information, the Doctor comes out as I put down my phone and look towards the doctor standing in front of me. Only one thought comes to mind… Angel.


Ever since I was a kid, people would make fun of my last name. Kids can be cruel. I thought that once I started medical school, it would stop. Boy was I wrong. My name is Dr. Tess Sweet, Cardiac Surgeon, by the way. Get it? I’ve learned over time to build a thick skin, and not to care what people think, especially the males of our species. That is, until, one day while on duty and about to speak with my patient’s son, all I see is this bearded God, and I start to dissolve.

Will Dr. Sweet, heart surgeon be able to stick to the bearded God, or will it flatline?

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