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Losing Step by Stacy McWilliams

Release Date: 8th April 2021

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What do you do when the person you want deserves better than you can give? Wanting my stepsister was never part of the plan, but going home for my dad’s funeral changes everything between us. I barely knew the girl she was, but I’m fully on board with finding out the woman she’s become.I want to be her first, her last and her everything, but I can’t and it’s ridiculously unfair of me to want her like this when I have nothing to give her.There is no future for us and no way I can take her virginity when I’m leaving her to go back on tour.


When Chase comes back into my life I let him in and want to take things further with him, but the problem is he’s my stepbrother.I always want what I can’t have and this time is no exception, but can I trust him with my heart, with my soul or will his fire ruin us both? Falling for my stepbrother wasn’t part of my plan, but how do I cope when all I want to do is experience everything with him?

My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This book is simply perfect!!!
Chase and Cassandra, are half-siblings and are well-built characters. Chase leaves home as his father did not support his passion, cutting off all communications with him.

Years later, Cass calls Chase, who’s now an international rock star who in tourne, to inform him that his father is dying. He returns home and this is where their attraction explodes. I was shocked when turning the page I was catapulted to 5 years after their meeting.

Stacy has been able to develop well the past and the past of both, making me live their emotions through words. The feelings, the strength of their attraction we can feel it too, and although it is forbidden, basically being a stepbrother means nothing, it is not a real blood bond. And you know the heart is not commanded. Add in a bitchy, possessive, jealous ex and a fantastic twist, and this book will leave you speechless.

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