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Book Review,  New Release

Confessions of a Troubled Rebel by Lizzie James

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Daisy RoweI was a nerd and I was good with that. Being popular wasn’t something that I was interested in. I had one goal and that was to keep my head down and train to be a teacher. So what happens when I’m asked to tutor the star player of the basketball team? I stupidly agree, but could it just be the biggest mistake of my life?

Zane Phoenix I was popular. I had girls lining up to warm my bed. It was the upside to being me. Thing is, my grades are slipping and in order to keep my place on the basketball team, I need a tutor. Daisy isn’t someone I would normally look twice at, but only when I peel her layers away, she becomes someone I can’t forget.Will Zane lose Daisy over his reputation as a player or will she be the one who turns him into a better man? Follow Zane and Daisy’s story for a nerd-and-jock contemporary romance with more than a few twists throughout.

My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Zane and Daisy, omg, this book is a perfect mix of everything, well-written, with great characters, a perfect college story.
In college, everything is allowed and above all, you live lightly. And that’s what Zane, captain of the basketball team does until he sees her, Daisy. Pretty, serious, and above all not within his reach, something that Zaine sees it as a challenge. When Daisy is assigned as Zaine’s Tutor, he sees a way to win her bet of getting between Daisy’s legs but what he doesn’t expect is to start feeling something for her. Becoming more and more protective of her and more and more attached to her. What used to be a challenge has become something more intense but when Daisy finds out about the challenge will she believe Zane’s feelings?

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