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Untouchable by Sienna Grant

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I’m Roman Dean. Actor and model. My job allowed me to get into any club I wanted to, but also I had the pick of any woman I desired. I wore that tag with pride. That is until the agency decided that they weren’t happy with my antics and a publicist would help to clean up my act……Cue Paisley Kennedy. She was the ghost from my past; the girl that was never pretty enough to hang out with us…But have you ever heard of the ugly duckling syndrome?Paisley had that in spades and had since turned into a beautiful swan and completely knocked me sidewards. I wanted her, there was no doubt in that.There was just one problem; she hated me. Could we work together professionally, or did we mix business with pleasure and see where it led us?Was I really as untouchable as I made myself out to be, or would Paisley break the barrier I allowed no one to see… the very wall that I kept in place to protect not only my career, but my heart as well.

My Review:

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Parsley and Roman, oh boy I still have a heartbeat.
Sienna is truly fabulous, her characters are unique and very well built.
Roman, Gav, and Parsley were schoolmates who unfortunately meet again after years.
What Parsley did not expect is that the feelings for Roman, who for a lifetime he tried to bury, were still there ready to come out.
Roman for his part, a playboy who loves women but famous for his one night stands, feels attracted to Parsley, even more, when he finds out who she is ..
Gav, however, still feels like the school bully and tries to interfere, thus ruining a friendship of a lifetime. Only by reading it will you know how it will end, I can assure you that the story will keep you glued to the pages. You will laugh and get angry but you will also dream with this amazing character.

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