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Callibet by Stacy McWilliams and Sienna Grant

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Calindra Beckett

One night changes everything between Callie and her ex, Chris. They’ve always had a connection, a spark, but they broke up years before and stayed friends. As they begin to reconcile, a major event happens putting them under immense strain and wrecks them both, changing the path before them.

Callie is hurt and confused. She doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Can she trust Chris or is trust, once broken, too difficult to repair?

Chris Farmer

What happens when everything that seems to be going your way, suddenly comes crashing around you like a tonne of bricks? You go with the evidence you have and run with it, right? But what if that evidence leads you the wrong way?Can Chris prove to Callie that she can trust him or are the roadblocks too big to get over?

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