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Ascend by Serenity Rayne

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The last living heir of the Lycan throne, Aurora discovers her royal bloodline has been hunted to the brink of extinction by the Strigoi. She has to go on a journey of self-discovery and uncover who her true enemy is.

Aurora is no stranger to being hunted and on the run from an unseen enemy. Constantly on the move for the last two hundred years, she’s been kept isolated from the world for her safety. Her ascension is around the corner, and she couldn’t be more anxious about the changes it will bring.The hunt is on for the remaining species of old to gather her mates from the existing clans. Her once hidden enemy makes its self known in a terrifying way shortly after taking her first mate. Battles ensue, and loyalties are tested on every leg of her journey.

A ghost from the past and Aurora’s dreams surfaces just in the nick of time to help her claim the first pack for herself. Puzzle pieces click in place shortly after gaining her next two mates. Having one reluctant mate breaks her heart; having a questionable second is nerve-wracking. Tragedy strikes, and Aurora’s life hangs in the balance. Will she survive to continue her journey?

🐺 True/fated mated🐺 Reverse Harem Romance🐺 Multiple POV🐺 Strong Female main character🐺 M/M & M/M/M🐺 Love and support / personal growth🐺 Twin Sandwich🎉Will be available on Kindle Unlimited 🎉

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