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Ghost for the Untamed by Raine Bishop

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Without any hesitation, I answer the calls from the Boss of the Untamed. I am the one they call when negotiations have failed. If the job is time-sensitive and needs to be done with efficiency. I am your man. Born a bastard son, there are no records of me. A ghost in the system and contracted since birth. I am the Unseen Man.

For the work that I do, you would never see me coming. If you did, you would know you’ve fucked up. With many years of training at this job. I excelled at what I did. Killing people, being the monster that awaited you in the dark. With no emotions that tied me down, I lived for this.

This assignment was no different from the last. Until I found a drugged-up woman while on location. She awoke with fire in her eyes and changed my plan. Wearing the eyes of a killer, she captivated me in every way. After a horrific discovery, I vowed to tear the world apart alongside her. The only desire that I had now was her vengeance, and it was going to be sweet.

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