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The Villain by R P Vain

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We started as an ethereal dream, now we’re an endless nightmare.


She is my one love, my one obsession, and the one who keeps my malediction at bay. And now she has my hatred too. My heart is always at the war with my mind blurring every boundary that exists between right and wrong. Moral and immoral. Love and hate. And I’ll cross every one of them. Because, when it comes to loving or hating her, I have none.She ruined a life before she left, and it’s time she experiences the same.


He was once everything I could wish for in my fairy tale.Until he broke my heart with a snap of his fingers. Now he’s like the Black King in the game of chess. Black mind. Black heart. Black soul. He says he hates me. I say I hate you too. I know it’s opposite of the truth for both of us and so does he.All we are left with is smoke and mirror of lies, hate & revengeorit turn to something else?

French, German and Spanish edition available.

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