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Bound by Dark Waters: Wed (Beyond the God Sea Book 2) by Elora Morgan

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Promised to a strange prince
Forced toward an arranged marriage, the chosen braenese has a new enemy and he’s not at all like the boy who washed ashore in Elowa. This one hates her before she even sets foot upon his sand.

Bound for a strange land
To survive, Zaria must learn the ways of this new world and fight alongside it’s people. She’ll need to gather as many assets as she can to help her escape back to Kirwyn. Did he find his boat that fateful night… or did he meet his doom at the bottom of the ocean?

Eluding two powerful brothers
If navigating court politics isn’t tricky enough, outmaneuvering the prince determined to dispose of her, as well as the one set upon marrying her, proves downright deadly. To her surprise, it’s not her betrothed that poses the biggest threat — it’s his cruel and overprotective brother.

One boy to marry, one boy to battle, and one to steal her back…
…she hopes.

Bound by Dark Waters is Book II in the Beyond the God Sea Trilogy.

Please be advised: This is Dark/Mature YA. While there is little-to-no explicit content, the themes and challenges within this story are more appropriate for older teen readers. As Zaria straddles the line between Young Adult and New Adult, so do her experiences.

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