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Discovered: The Found #1 by Dawson Dare

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Kelly grew up knowing she was different, special, always wondering why she stood out from others.  She never expected to be held hostage and tortured to uncover secrets she doesn’t know exist.
Noah grew up knowing he was different, special, but his adopted family kept this a closely guarded secret.  Now a highly decorated naval officer who leads a special operations force, his job is to find Kelly and bring her home alive.
When Kelly and Noah meet, heat builds as their shared past begins to slowly come into focus.  Powers they never knew existed, burst forth as their passion blazes.  As they try to unravel the secrets of their past, evil continues to stalk them.  Will their newfound psychic abilities be enough to keep them alive?
This book was previously released by Caitlyn O’Leary as “Revealed”, it has been substantially re-edited and has additional content.

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