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Home coming Queen: The Carlise Cellars Series #2 by Fabiola Francisco


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Three siblings, a family business, and emotional twists that will lead them

through a series of life changes.

The Carlisles are royalty in Willow Creek. Take the journey with them as they find

love, overcome challenges, and find their happily ever afters.

Carlisle Cellars is a small town series with high emotions and lots of swoon.
Their family bond is tight, and their individual path to happiness is paved with

heartache, love, and healing.
Second chance/country music.


Madison left me with a broken heart and not even a backward glance. She was
everything to me until she chose her music career over our relationship. I
would’ve followed her to the moon, but she didn’t give me a choice.
Now, she’s back in our small town, but she’s nothing like the carefree girl I loved.

Despite the anger I feel, I still care about her.

Something isn’t right, especially when I hear she’s abandoned her career in the

music world. I’m determined to get to the bottom of it.

The truth about why she is home is even worse than I could’ve imagined, and I
vow to protect her. Her secret is safe with me. She’s safe with me.
She says she’s broken, but I’ll prove to her she can heal. I only hope I don’t lose

her in the process.

Adina D. Grey is a USA Today and International Bestselling Author. She was born and raised in Italy so it's no surprise she has a huge addiction to coffee, dogs, and books. Her book addiction and passion for travelling led her into the creative world of words where she writes, blogs, and beta reads. Her writing covers various sub genres and tropes but she's a sucker for a HEA, this is a cliffhanger free zone. When she's not writing or reading you can find her entertaining her toddler and husband, and enjoying family life.

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