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Spindle Together: A Steamy Christmas Novella

Genre: Billionaire/Friends to Lovers



I left she didn’t. The picture I’d painted of us together was nothing more than a pipedream. A pipedream she didn’t share, I suppose.

Seattle had always been the destination, the aim. But now, I’m here. Now I’ve achieved the goals I set for myself; I can see what’s missing: Her. I’m not willing to waste any more time. I’m coming for her, whether she’s expecting me or not.


I’m a young and successful woman now. He never looked back, and he chased his dream, our dream. It doesn’t matter how many times I tell myself that. It doesn’t sink in. The ache is still there.

I’m the only one to be blamed for, though, I never told him the truth, nor I ever reached him out. But now he’s back, as handsome as ever, and it’s as if he never left.

 The worse ache than ever when I look into his eyes is seeing what could have been.

Can Savannah forgive herself for the mistake made in the past? Can Liam?

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