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    There’s Warmth by Nadine Hudson

    Buy Link: Synopsis: WARNING This new slow burning romance is hotter, steamier, and sexier than any of my previous works as it comes directly from my Blackbox Collection. If you do not want to feel hot and bothered I recommend avoiding this book! Conner thinks it’s all in good fun. Playful banter. He thinks all his flirting and sexual innuendos are harmless…And that’s exactly what I want him to think. He can never know how much each smirk or touch twists me up inside. He’s been my best friend since we were kids. I could never jeopardize our friendship over some stupid childhood crush-even if that childhood crush has bloomed into something…

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    Let’s Get Naughty: A Limited Edition Romance Anthology

    Buy Link: Release Date: November 1st 2022 Synopsis: Cancel your plans and spend this holiday season with 26 romance authors who have teamed up to bring you a delicious holiday treat. This collection will have it all: fake relationships, second chances, enemies-to-lovers, friends-to-lovers, workplace romance, age gap, CEOs, bikers, and falling for the best friend’s brother. Each of the authors will have an unforgettable, steamy story. So come on over, grab a blanket, and get started on finding your next favorite author today. Let’s Get Naughty is the perfect anthology for you to binge this holiday season.

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    The Untamed Duke by Melanie Rose Clarke

    Buy Link: Genre: Historical Romance Synopsys: Social justice crusader Sophia Hawkins will do anything to protect her family. When Kenneth Macleod, the new Duke of Foxworth, forges a feud against her brother, she doesn’t care how powerful he is – or that neither man wants her involvement. If he won’t abandon his revenge, she’ll take matters into her own hands. Perhaps a little kidnapping is in order. Kenneth would much rather be in Scotland, the gorgeous country of his mother’s ancestors, than in prim and proper England. Only the father he never knew leaves him a title, wealth, lands and the responsibility to care for it all. It’s the…

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    Sins of Seduction by Nicole Banks

    Buy Link: Genre: Romantic Suspense Synopsis: Such a pretty little Raven.The unattainable.The Goddess amongst men, but they crave her just the same.They all look to clip her wings—desperate to cage her, not knowing freedom is all she’ll ever seek.Such a pretty little Raven.Soaring high in the sky, fleeing from a past that haunts her in the dark.She’ll never be free of it even when she finds her savor to guide her flight.She’ll seek salvation in him while she taints his light.There are demons in the dark eager to taste her flesh,And they’ll bleed her dry while they burn her world.It’s such a pretty sight,Watching a Raven desperate to take…

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    Stupid Cupid Promotion

    Link: Flash Valentine’s Sale: Here’s a fantastic showcase of amazing romance books. Here you can find steamy and sweet reads at 99c you won’t want to miss.

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    CRAZY FOR THIS GIRL: A Second Chance Romance by Hazel Grace

    Genre: Second Chance/Office Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: It all started the summer going into my Freshman year.I became the new neighbor to a pretty blonde with a book in her lap that didn’t want my company.Laynee Reese was a smart-mouthed, semi-music genius, who captured all my attention, from shoving me mercilessly into the lake outside our cabins to her failed attempts of trying to get me to like Good Charlotte.We quickly became best friends, writing letters back and forth about everything and nothing. It became a placeholder for me to keep a piece of how I felt about her because every summer it got worse. I was getting jealous…

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    With Every Beat of My Heart: A Valentine’s Anthology

    Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance Buy Link: Soon in Kindle Unlimited Synopsis: Love… what a tricky and powerful feeling.In this anthology, seven authors are ready to make you swoon over their steamy stories. Are you ready to fall in love? This anthology will include the stories by the authors listed below: B Crowhurst – Sarah Peis – L.A. Remenicky – Amy Stephens – Kristy McCaffrey – Diana Dawn – Pandora Snow

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    Insta Love and Second Chance Romance Collection by Hope Paris

    Genre: Insta Love and Billionaire Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: One Night. No Limits. (Box Set #1) Jason: When my financial right-hand leaves me hanging right before the biggest meeting of my life, I’m furious. I need someone to replace him NOW—and the only person left at this hour is Melanie. I barely even know her – but since I walked in, I can’t stop looking at her… Melanie: I take a few deep breaths before I leave the cubicle. I hurry out, only to run right into someone. The air is knocked out of me as they grab me. I look up and everything seems to stop. Oh God. Jason Ford.…

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    The Arrangement by Bonnie Poirier

    Genre: Small – Town/ Cowboy Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: Kate:  When Tyler showed up at my door, I knew he’d only bring trouble. Between his ocean blue eyes and the way he filled out a pair of Wrangler jeans, I had a hard time turning down his marriage proposition. But I did.  The small-town playboy was not only my closest neighbor but the cowboy I had a secret crush on for years. We were virtual strangers. There’s no way I could marry someone I barely knew.  Our fathers, however, had a different idea. My father had risked the ranch on a business deal that didn’t pan out.   There was…

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    Scarlet Roses by L.P. Guleva

    Genre: Multicultural Billionaire Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: Lara I was nobody’s toy, a notch on the bedpost, or a trophy, and I was done being treated like one. So what if I have to hide behind a failing relationship? It made resisting the temptation easier when Damian asked me out in that deep voice that had my knees melting. He’s a typical billionaire playboy who can’t take no for an answer. Why else would I be in his office getting hired to organize a Christmas party for his hotel in New York? Why else would he want to micromanage it? He just wants to get in my pants, and…