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Bruce’s Troubled Temptation by Jean Marie

Genre: Small town/ Military Romance

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Moving back home to help with my family ranch has turned into a brutal nightmare…
Someone dangerous is after my life, and Bruce is my only hope.

My other problem? Bruce is my brother’s best friend.
That means I can’t have him.
Not now, not ever.

And yet, he risked his own life to save mine when I was attacked the first time. Bruce is irresistible. He’s so hot that he sets my soul on fire.
But I see beyond that.
Beyond the scar from his days in the military that makes him feel unlovable.
I see his heart.
His beautiful heart calls my name, but he’s too afraid to admit it.
He would never ruin his friendship with my brother.
And I would never risk a heartbreak.

None of that matters if he fails to save my life.
If I know anything about the man that I’m in love with, he will do everything in his power to make sure I’m safe in his arms.
The question is… will he succeed?

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