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Scarlet Roses by L.P. Guleva

Genre: Multicultural Billionaire Romance

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I was nobody’s toy, a notch on the bedpost, or a trophy, and I was done being treated like one. So what if I have to hide behind a failing relationship? It made resisting the temptation easier when Damian asked me out in that deep voice that had my knees melting.

He’s a typical billionaire playboy who can’t take no for an answer. Why else would I be in his office getting hired to organize a Christmas party for his hotel in New York? Why else would he want to micromanage it? He just wants to get in my pants, and I’m not interested.


Did Lara’s boyfriend seriously make a bet on how long Lara would keep him around and then called her the Ice Queen? There was no way I was going to let that loser get in my way. Besides, Lara deserved better. She deserved me. I just had to hire her to buy myself some time with her until I could figure out how to make her mine.

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