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Insta Love and Second Chance Romance Collection by Hope Paris

Genre: Insta Love and Billionaire Romance

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One Night. No Limits. (Box Set #1)

Jason: When my financial right-hand leaves me hanging right before the biggest meeting of my life, I’m furious. I need someone to replace him NOW—and the only person left at this hour is Melanie. I barely even know her – but since I walked in, I can’t stop looking at her…

Melanie: I take a few deep breaths before I leave the cubicle. I hurry out, only to run right into someone. The air is knocked out of me as they grab me. I look up and everything seems to stop.

Oh God. Jason Ford.

She’s a wholehearted girl struggling to support her family.

He’s her hot billionaire boss with his business on the line.

When Jason ropes Melanie into helping him in a multi-million dollar business meeting, she seems like the perfect stand-in. There’s only one problem. After just an hour in her company, Jason is dying to know what her curvy body looks like with nothing on…

Packed with a high dose of steamy romance that will keep you wanting more, delicious insta love and a hint of family drama, this box set is perfect for anyone looking to get their fix for the day.

What other readers are saying about it:

“So good it should be a TV series.” – Amazon Reviewer

“Wow-wee….. What a book set! Simply COULD NOT PUT THIS DOWN! I read it in one sitting.”- Amazon Reviewer

“omg !!! loved it !!! so many twists and turns ,betrayal, you name it !!!
binge read !!! you’ll cry , you’ll scream ” NOOOOOOO” you can’t help it ….”- Amazon Reviewer

“My favorite part of their story is the growth they experience together and individually. Melanie has a lot of family drama to deal with and Jason is a rock and often the voice of reason. Of course, there is the steam factor and its high! And yummy!I” – Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

Does Their Love Deserve A Second Chance? (Box Set #2)

Rosa: Zane is hot – there’s no other way to put it. And he certainly has enough of the ladies swooning. But not me. I still remember what he did. But now he’s back, and I’m afraid of losing myself in him again. I can’t take the easy way out – I have to prove myself and save my parents from poverty.

Zane: I have all the money in the world… but it doesn’t mean anything. Thirteen years have passed and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Kissing Rosa was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.

I lost her once, and I’m not about to lose her again. Every decision I’ve ever made is to get back to her. How can I convince her we belong together?

Does a childhood love stay in the heart forever? When billionaire alpha Zane and the sassy, independent Rosa end up on an unexpected date 13 years after their first kiss, he makes a bold proposition she can’t – and shouldn’t – refuse. But Rosa is too proud to take the easy way out… and she can’t bear to have her heart broken again.

With the shadows of the past hanging heavy over them, can they shake off their demons and embrace a relationship together? Or is the rift between them too great to cross?

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