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His Mistress by Day Leclaire

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Genre: Steamy Royalty Romance


Julianna’s List of Secrets:

  1. I have lousy taste in men. (Which explains why I let one ruin my career.)
  2. I’m operating under a secret alias. (My career fail was so epic, I’m globally blacklisted!)
  3. I meet Prince Charming at an actual ball (aka Lander Montgomery) and don’t even realize it! I kind of think I love this guy, but I’ll ruin his life if he discovers my true identity. (See #2!) If I marry Lander, I could cost him his kingdom. (See #1-3!)

Lander’s Save-the-Kingdom List:

  1. Save my kingdom at all costs. (No matter what it entails!)
  2. Taking Juliana for my mistress is a bad political move right now. At the very least, don’t fall in love with her. (Seriously. Don’t. Do. It!!)
  3. Agree to marry a woman who will solve the country’s financial crisis. (Thank God it’s Juliana!)
  4. Don’t tell Juliana marrying her will save my country in case she takes it the wrong way. (Crap! She took it the wrong way!!)

Fair warning! This story includes secret identities, a marriage of convenience, more than one deception, and a ton of romance.

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