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The Fortunes of Fate by Cassie Hart

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Genre: Short Historical Romance


The backdrop of the story is around 1804 A.D. Mr. Marsh was a ruthless successful millionaire cattle farmer and the owner of the Yana Meadows spread across 125 acres of lush green lands.

He was uneducated but very sharp in worldly matters. He believed a man should be street smart than bookish. So stern was his belief that he not allowed education to his five sons and three daughters. He was such a strict discipline that he often cross the limits of cruelty, so all his family members remain fearful of him.

Steffi was the youngest child and was an absolute dreamer. She also was impulsive and ready to plunge into action if an idea struck her. She wanted to get off from her father’s cruel tenterhook quickly, so marrying off is the real answer. In the 1800s, she dared to think about love-marriage.

As wishes were horses here came Kaiser Jasper, a dashing and handsome Persian boy, and rising businessman. Fortunes of Fate turned towards Steffi, they soon got engaged in a short love affair, they got involved physically that was taboo in that era, and Kaiser went back to Persia with a promise to return soon to marry her off from Austria.

But Steffi became pregnant and whole life changed for her. Her father threw her out of the house. Somehow she survived. She gave birth to Yana.

Again fortune takes another turn and her fate brought her back to her rich life. One after another in just four years, her elder sisters got married off, Mr. Marsh-her father suddenly passes away, and her five brothers succumbed to death in the plague epidemic.

What happens in her life will follow in part TWO.  

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