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Edmund’s Last Heartbreak by Jean Marie

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Genre: Western Military Romance


It destroyed me to hide this crush I had on my best friend.
It destroyed me, even more, when I was attacked because of him.

Let me backtrack for a moment…

Edmund was married to a psycho.
A complete psycho.
Brandy made Edmund’s life a living hell when we made plans together.
She even lunged at me when she became jealous of our friendship.
And so I disappeared, to not cause any more problems.
…until he got a divorce.

Edmund being single meant that I could finally confess my feelings.
And I was able to act on this crush after all these years.
It meant that I could let him touch me. And I could touch him.

Just when life seemed perfect, a tornado hit us.
I was attacked… again.
Brutally this time.
My life was in serious danger and Edmund would feel responsible if anything happened to me.

The question was… how far was he willing to go to protect me?

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