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In a Heartbeat

Genre: Contemporary/Romantic Suspense

Release Date: August 10th 2022


In a Heartbeat has been released in 2021 along with Forever Yours as short stories. Now it’s a full length with a new story and cover.

Alone and with a newborn, my life was about to change. I was in trouble. I had no idea where to start when my new, sexy as hell, neighbor showed up to help me. And thank God she did.

I’ve managed to put my life, and my heart, back together. A fresh start. A new, happy life. At least, that’s what I thought. Until the echoes of the past come back to haunt us.

Leaving Philadelphia wasn’t exactly in my plans, but I had to. My life was in danger. But I won’t ever leave someone close to me again.

When I heard desperate cries come from the home next door, my terrified and broken heart lurched at the thought of another innocent life needing my help, and I knocked on his door.
Emily won over my heart as Jace did.

But the past is out to get me, and if we aren’t careful, they’re going to be in the firing line. Should I walk away to keep my heart safe? Or can love conquer all?

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