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Take me to Heaven

Genre: Military Romance



This book has been previously released in 2020, but now it has a new story, edits and cover.

Twenty-five and almost divorced. Not somewhere I ever wanted to be, but when your boyfriend’s father is dying and his last wish is to see his son married, you do what you’ve got to do. Isn’t that just a similie for my life?

My brother is missing. My Squad being deployed. I’m heading into a war zone and my heart is stuck on a series of messages from a stranger.

It’s been twelve years since she left, leaving me and my daughter without hesitation. Twelve years since I felt a stirring in my heart, and a drive for more.

But the pretty girl on our plane caught my eye, and to find out she’s the same one to steal my heart, well, that’s even better.

But we’re in a war against time. Her brother’s life is on the line. Is there really time for love here? Will we make it out alive, with the second chance I never thought I’d get?

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