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The Vendetta Plan by Kryssa James

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Would not letting go keep me from the one thing that mattered?

I had plans for the two weeks after my brother’s seaside wedding in Oregon. I would drive to Las Vegas, where I would publicly destroy my famous ex-boyfriend for embarrassing me in his tell-all autobiography.

I didn’t expect Julien Hart to find a way to come to the wedding with me. He was my best friend. We’d had a bad year as a result of that very same ex-boyfriend trying to push us apart and damaging our friendship forever…or so I thought.

Julien wasn’t supposed to figure out my revenge plan, and he certainly wasn’t supposed to come after me on my way to Las Vegas, determined to be there for me…and maybe determined for more than that.

I couldn’t let my ex get away with all he’d done, but I also couldn’t deny that things were heating up between Julien and me.

But I couldn’t give up my plan. Not now. Not after I’d gotten so close…could I?

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