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Hiraeth by Various Authors

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Anthology organiser: Indie Love Wales

Releasing in June 9th


Hiraeth is a difficult word to define.
It is a sickness, a tug on the heart in the direction of home.
It is nostalgia, a sense of yearning for a person who belongs in the past, a grief for
irretrievably lost.
It is longing, the what-ifs, should-nots and could have beens.
An ancient sadness rooted in your bones.
Discover how nine authors take the theme of Hiraeth and use it to weave tales of belonging,
love and second chances in this incredible anthology, brought to you by Indie Love.

Participating Authors

Dani René
Nicola Jane
Anna Edwards
Paula Acton
Stacey Broadbent
Raven Amor
Eve L. Mitchell
Stefany Ramirez
Carrie Austin-Malone

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