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About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Adina, and I am a writer.
Who would have ever thought that? Definitely not me!
Yes, I know what are you thinking, but I’m not crazy, at least not entirely. I’ve always been passionate about books, and then someone encouraged me to write. And you know what? I did it, experiencing such a blissful emotion.

Books have always been my safe haven. A place where I could seek refuge whenever reality seemed too difficult to face.

Since elementary school, I have loved reading, and today I have a huge library in my heart. I am an avid reader, and I am lucky (or unlucky, depending on the point of view) to have the ability to read quickly. I love reading all genres, but I prefer novels, being a romantic myself.

I am an Italian mother and wife residing in Italy. As everyone knows, that means a thousand things to do, and little time to do so. But with the right support, you can do just about any and everything. If you can dream it and believe it, you can achieve it too!

I love to cook and bake exquisite desserts. I also enjoy traveling, visiting new places, discovering new cultures, and getting to know new people. I am one of those people who make friends quite easily, and for me, it is a remarkable trait.

So if you ever happen to see me around, do not hesitate to stop me even if it’s just for a simple “hello”. That would make me extremely happy!

A big hug to all of you!