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    Take Me To Heaven by Adina D. Grey

    Genre: Military Romance 𝗞𝗮𝘁𝗲 Twenty-five and almost divorced. Not somewhere I ever wanted to be, but when your boyfriend’s father is dying and his last wish is to see his son married, you do what you’ve got to do. Isn’t that just a similie for my life? My brother is missing. My Squad being deployed. I’m heading into a war zone and my heart is stuck on a series of messages from a stranger. 𝗟𝗼𝗴𝗮𝗻 It’s been twelve years since she left, leaving me and my daughter without hesitation. Twelve years since I felt a stirring in my heart, and a drive for more. But the pretty girl on our…

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    Kickoff: Gods on Campus Book 1 by Kayla Claire

    Genre: New Adult/ College/ Sport Romance Synopsis: Zoey needs a fake boyfriend. I need a babysitter.We sure as hell don’t have time for feelings to get in the way. I used to be the top college soccer player in the nation. Now I’m parenting my little sister and trying to survive my first year in grad school. I’m supposed to be Responsible Alex, and that comes with a strict set of rules: no drugs, no drinking, no sex. When Zoey asks me to be her fake boyfriend to make her ex jealous, I know I shouldn’t say yes. It’s unprofessional. I’m her ex’s TA. But Zoey’s the most stubborn, hard-working…

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    Surf Sisters Secrets by Karen Proudlove

    Genre: Contemporary Romance, Seaside Romance Synopsis: Twenty-five-year old Molly, is the Archer family princess and working hard to win thelifestyle she “deserves,” the problem with this – she needs to find a man rich enough to keep her in luxury handbags and designer shoes. Everything is going to plan until she makes a decision that ruins her perfect reputation, and she has no choice but to run and hide. In a last-ditch attempt to salvage some self-worth she turns to the only person who can help, her sister Tessa. With an unfamiliar nervousness, Molly lands in the middle of her sister’s beautiful life in St. Ives, Cornwall, praying that she…

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    Keys to Paradise by Macy Butler

    Buy Link: Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis: Simon would rather be anywhere but London in winter—anywhere except a wedding, that is.It’s hard to celebrate love when you don’t believe in it. But it was his best mate, and he was best man. Bonus it was on an exclusive private island in the Florida Keys. Delaney isn’t sure how she landed the Executive Chef position at Paradise Key in the first place. Catering the resort’s inaugural wedding was the ultimate test. And fooling around with the best man is a surefire way to ruin the opportunity of a lifetime. My Review: Keys to Paradise was a good quick read for me.…

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    CRAZY FOR THIS GIRL: A Second Chance Romance by Hazel Grace

    Genre: Second Chance/Office Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: It all started the summer going into my Freshman year.I became the new neighbor to a pretty blonde with a book in her lap that didn’t want my company.Laynee Reese was a smart-mouthed, semi-music genius, who captured all my attention, from shoving me mercilessly into the lake outside our cabins to her failed attempts of trying to get me to like Good Charlotte.We quickly became best friends, writing letters back and forth about everything and nothing. It became a placeholder for me to keep a piece of how I felt about her because every summer it got worse. I was getting jealous…

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    With Every Beat of My Heart: A Valentine’s Anthology

    Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance Buy Link: Soon in Kindle Unlimited Synopsis: Love… what a tricky and powerful feeling.In this anthology, seven authors are ready to make you swoon over their steamy stories. Are you ready to fall in love? This anthology will include the stories by the authors listed below: B Crowhurst – Sarah Peis – L.A. Remenicky – Amy Stephens – Kristy McCaffrey – Diana Dawn – Pandora Snow

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    Masters’s Promises by Jamie Schulz

    Genre: Futuristic Dystopian Cowboy Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: Bret Masters is as good as his word. Following through on his pledge to nurse back to health the woman who owns him, the rugged ranch-hand showers her with care while still guarding his heart. But as he spends hour after hour by her side, the stubborn cowboy feels his resistance crumbling. Angel Aldridge fears she won’t recover. Seized by the horrors of her past, her handsome foreman is the only comfort she knows. But when a frightening incident results in an intimate confession, the curvy rancher worries she’s pushed him away for good. Stung by Angel’s words, Bret struggles to…

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    Consumed by Fire by Adina D. Grey

    Genre: Small Town/Firefighters Romance Free on Kindle Unlimited Synopsis: Dylan Cooper A job transfer. A fresh start. That’s all I was looking for when I first set my sights on Armstrong. Somewhere far enough away from Chicago to leave my demons behind. But the second my gaze connected with Charlotte’s, I knew there would be more here for me than just a fresh start. A new challenge. A woman not interested in looking for love. Charlotte Beckett It’s been four years of peace. Four years the people and town of Armstrong have soothed my soul and helped put my broken pieces back together. But when I saw the veil of…

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    Crestone Awakens by Lucy Marsh

    Genre: Paranormal Romance Link: Synopsis: Author note. This is a new edition of Crestone Awakens, it includes not just a new cover but also expanded content and scenes never before seen. Opulence. It surrounded her. She’d mastered the role of a spoiled society princess, and she’d never felt so empty. Yet Grier Ponce refused to continue to live as her status dictated. It was time to make a change and help those that her rich father had left in poverty. His life had been an unending blur of pain and fighting. The military had altered his DNA and made him into something… different. He’d become the peacekeeper in his…

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    True Love Is Criminal by Olga Alexandra

    Buy Link: Genre: Crime Romance Sypnosis: Available Exclusively on Amazon Kindle Vella In New Orleans, MOLLY, a reckless painter searches for her sister’s murderer and meets silver fox, PETER, a businessman and sculptor, posing as a taxi driver with el Jefe’s dead body in his trunk. Instant attraction and Hurricane IDA binds Molly to Peter’s world of the MAFIYA, BRATVA, or VOR— and the Sinoloa Cartel. Forsaking Peter’s villainous family, artful crime is Molly and Peter’s only escape. But will their love, life and honor remain unscathed? ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ meets ‘Eastern Promises’… with Alligators!