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    Surf Sisters Secrets by Karen Proudlove

    Genre: Contemporary Romance, Seaside Romance Synopsis: Twenty-five-year old Molly, is the Archer family princess and working hard to win thelifestyle she “deserves,” the problem with this – she needs to find a man rich enough to keep her in luxury handbags and designer shoes. Everything is going to plan until she makes a decision that ruins her perfect reputation, and she has no choice but to run and hide. In a last-ditch attempt to salvage some self-worth she turns to the only person who can help, her sister Tessa. With an unfamiliar nervousness, Molly lands in the middle of her sister’s beautiful life in St. Ives, Cornwall, praying that she…

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    Keys to Paradise by Macy Butler

    Buy Link: Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis: Simon would rather be anywhere but London in winter—anywhere except a wedding, that is.It’s hard to celebrate love when you don’t believe in it. But it was his best mate, and he was best man. Bonus it was on an exclusive private island in the Florida Keys. Delaney isn’t sure how she landed the Executive Chef position at Paradise Key in the first place. Catering the resort’s inaugural wedding was the ultimate test. And fooling around with the best man is a surefire way to ruin the opportunity of a lifetime. My Review: Keys to Paradise was a good quick read for me.…

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    Alone with you (Anyone but you anthology) by C.N. Marie

    Buy Link: Release date: February 16th 2021 Blurb: I had the chance to read another story by the author. So I already knew that the author sweetness enters your heart. Harlow, Johnny, and Elijah are three friends who grew up together. Johnny and Elijah are like brothers, and there is a pact between them: sisters are off-limits. And so it has been, at least so far. Johnny and Elijah were always Harlow’s custody angels during their childhood. When Harlow and Johnny’s parents died in an accident, something changed. The two friends become more protective of Harlow to the point of being hateful, making her life, a real hell. After…