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    Zane Second Chance Boxset by Hope Paris

    Genre: Second Chance Romance Synopsis: Rosa: Zane is hot – there’s no other way to put it. And he certainly has enough of the ladies swooning. But not me. I still remember what he did. But now he’s back, and I’m afraid of losing myself in him again. I can’t take the easy way out – I have to prove myself and save my parents from poverty. Zane: I have all the money in the world… but it doesn’t mean anything. Thirteen years have passed and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. Kissing Rosa was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. I lost her once,…

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    Sweet Obsession Anthology by Various Authors

    Synopsis: Consumed by their sweet obsessions, these intense and powerful men only bow to the women of their dreams. Enemies become lovers, billionaires risk everything, and passion turns men into over-the-top protectors who will move heaven and earth to claim the women who’ve gripped their hearts and won’t let go. When it comes to claiming their Sweet Obsession, nothing else matters. The only thing these heroes can’t do is fail. If you crave swoon-worthy happily ever afters and men with mouths that will curl your toes, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of brand new, steamy, stand-alone romances is only available for a limited time. Reserve your copy…

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    Masked Innocence by Sawyer Quinn

    Genre: Regency Short Story Synopsys: Nothing but a black satin mask protected Lady Katherine Mandeville from discovery and scandal. Temptation lured her to the hedonic masquerade, and eager fascination forced her indulgence in a wicked proposition. A night of paradise, and the most exquisite of sins, enflamed her insatiable desire for the forbidden, leaving her ruined in every possible way. A perfect evening of unparalleled bliss…if only she hadn’t been caught.

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    Make Her Cream by Madam Lexi Black

    Genre: Erotic Fantasies Synopsis: A desire for coffee in cream will lead ten alpha males to do whatever it takes… Darryl Jansen, Lance Jeffries, Cody Sellers, Jamie Lee, Paul Webster, Dave Miller, James Connor, Baron Mann, Jonathan Reynolds & Dylan Lambert; all have one thing in common: they’re feverishly turned on by black women. Such desires in the workplace, on vacation, at home, in school; any urban or suburban environment can only be unleashed behind closed doors, no one is supposed to ever know? These are games of lust, and these ten men must prove they’re in it to win it.

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    The Vendetta Plan by Kryssa James

    Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis: Would not letting go keep me from the one thing that mattered? I had plans for the two weeks after my brother’s seaside wedding in Oregon. I would drive to Las Vegas, where I would publicly destroy my famous ex-boyfriend for embarrassing me in his tell-all autobiography. I didn’t expect Julien Hart to find a way to come to the wedding with me. He was my best friend. We’d had a bad year as a result of that very same ex-boyfriend trying to push us apart and damaging our friendship forever…or so I thought. Julien wasn’t supposed to figure out my revenge plan, and he certainly…

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    My Final Muse by Jae T Ryter

    Genre: Contemporary Romance – BDSM Romance Synopsis: This book, I consider romantic and a love story, but will give you a heads up… it doesn’t have a HEA. Listed a contemporary romance and woman’s lit. TRIGGERS: BDSM, and non-descriptive rape. Sometimes love can become an obsession that takes you to the deepest darkest edge of your imagination. Matt Morrow found his in the girl next door when he moved into a small apartment complex in Southern California. As a young man, Matt lusted after his new neighbor; but as a writer, he used her as his muse. He embarked on a journey that took the reality of his blooming relationship with…

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    Drawn To The Billionaire Box Set by Hope Paris

    Genre: Billionaire Romance Synopsis: Her secret could ruin them. But can she resist his charm? Tessa: Working in a diner is hardly my idea of a dream job, but at least my old life will never find me here. I’ve got secrets from a past career and previous relationships – secrets that could spell the end of me. The moment Spencer walked through the door, his mystery made my heart flutter. One night with him and I’m hooked. But with a past like mine, I can’t afford to let him get any closer… Spencer: I’ve got one rule, never fall in love. So why can’t I get my mind off…

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    The Frustration by Cassie Lee Hart

    Genre: Contemporary Office Romance Synopsis: The news of Ryan’s arranged marriage hits Sydney hard. She’s distraught and angry with good reason. She also finds out that she’s been put on another project with him. As much as she’d rather run the other way, she refuses to back down. With her head held high, she reverts back to her Ice Queen attitude to protect her heart. Ryan feels horrible, he realizes how much Sydney really meant to him and he doesn’t want to lose her. Lauren is a nice woman, but how would she feel to hear that Ryan doesn’t want to marry her. Does she have her heart set on…

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    Take me to Heaven

    Genre: Military Romance RELEASE DATE: MARCH 26th 2022 Synopsis: This book has been previously released in 2020, but now it has a new story, edits and cover. KateTwenty-five and almost divorced. Not somewhere I ever wanted to be, but when your boyfriend’s father is dying and his last wish is to see his son married, you do what you’ve got to do. Isn’t that just a similie for my life? My brother is missing. My Squad being deployed. I’m heading into a war zone and my heart is stuck on a series of messages from a stranger. LoganIt’s been twelve years since she left, leaving me and my daughter without…