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    Mr. Smithfield by Louise Bay

    1-Click now!Amazon Apple: Other retailers: Blurb: Wanted: American nanny for an adorable four-year old. Must be able to handle a moody, brooding, sexy British boss. I’m a single father, a lawyer and some say the most serious man in London. I’m completely focused on raising my four-year-old daughter.Since my wife walked out three years ago, the only woman who has ever caught my eye is the strictly off-limits sister-in-law of my best friend, Autumn Lumen.But temptation is easy to resist because Autumn is only visiting London from Oregon.Until she moves to London. The nanny quits. And she’s the only woman for the job.

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    The Shadow by H.L Packer

    Genre: Contemporary Romance Release Date: April 27, 2021 Cover Design: Moore Funky Graphics Goodreads: Blurb:  Carlos When I saw her ethereal beauty float through the room, I knew I had to have her. Once I found out her connections and her place in my life, I knew it was meant to be. But would she? And would she stand by me when she knew the truth of who I am… and of the darkness that I carry? Sophie Life is finally coming together. Friends, family, all falling into place. What I wasn’t counting on was an old face making a reappearance and blowing through my world. Will his world…

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    Callibet by Stacy McWilliams and Sienna Grant

    ★.•°`☆ COVER REVEAL ☆`°•.★ ➜ #CoverReveal for #Sienna Grant and #Stacy McWilliams with #PhoenixBookPromo ➜ Callibet by Sienna Grant and Stacy McWilliams is #ComingSoon ➜ Hosted by Phoenix Book Promo ➜ Author Sienna GrantStacy McWilliamsPhoenix Book Promo ➜ Buy Link: ➜ Goodreads: Synopsis Calindra Beckett One night changes everything between Callie and her ex, Chris. They’ve always had a connection, a spark, but they broke up years before and stayed friends. As they begin to reconcile, a major event happens putting them under immense strain and wrecks them both, changing the path before them. Callie is hurt and confused. She doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Can she…

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    Raven’s Way: Love in the South by J S Grey

    Pre-order: 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏼 Best’s Friend Brother Emotional Trauma / Cheating Catfishing Misunderstandings / Miscommunication HEA Guaranteed BLURB “Please don’t leave me, I’m so sorry. Please, you can’t leave. We’re getting married. Things will be different I promise. I messed up I know, but please let me fix this. Give me one more chance.” Sobs wracked his body as it shook against my own. My hand rested over his at my waist. I leaned my head forward to move it out of reach of his lips. “I can’t trust you anymore. I don’t think we can fix this. You broke us,” Davis:Apparently being dragged away from the life you love, then…

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    In The Eye of The Storm By H.M Wolfe

    NEW RELEASE ➜  MM Suspense  SERIES ➜ Full Circle  Fabian Bloom is happier than ever, surrounded by the affection and respect of those he holds dear and having the love of his husband Lance.   What happens when the ghosts of his dark, distant past resurface, threatening to destroy his newfound peace? Will he able to stand up and fight, or will the whirlwind suck him in?  𝐀𝐁𝐎𝐔𝐓 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐁𝐎𝐎𝐊  Happily married with the affection and respect of those he holds dear, Fabian Bloom finally finds inner peace. However, fresh nightmares about his horrific past start to plague the man’s sleep, shadowing his newfound happiness and worrying the one he loves. A trip to his cabin in Montana offers the opportunity for the couple to relax and enjoy the solitude of the place. After reuniting with his two sons, marrying the man he had loved for eleven years and watching his young protegees blooming into strong young men, Lance Hansen has everything he ever wished for. When his husband’s past…

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    Dirty Kisses & Conflicting Wishes by Danielle Jacks

    ★.•°`☆ COVER REVEAL ☆`°•.★ ➜ #CoverReveal for #DanielleJacks with #PhoenixBookPromo ➜ Dirty Kisses & Conflicting Wishes (Book #1 in the Kiss Me series) by Danielle Jacks is #NowLive ➜ Hosted by Phoenix Book Promo ➜ @daniellejacksauthor @chaptersthroughlife1 @phoenixbookpromo ➜ Buy Link:  ➜ Goodreads:  Synopsis An unlikely couple, a relationship built on lies, and a future they didn’t see coming.  My name is Zoe Merrill, and my sophisticated city life just blew up in my face. My family thinks I have a good job, and a smart boyfriend, but the reality is that I’ve just lost them both. When a misunderstanding leads them to believe my brother’s ex best…

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    Saving Eric (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Saving SEALs Book 2) by Jane Blythe

    Genre: Friends to lovers, Military Romance Buy link: Synopsis: Will guilt and bad choices prevent these two friends from falling in love?
 Lavender Vaile barely survived a madman, and the ordeal became the catalyst for re-evaluating her entire life. While working for an aid organization in Afghanistan her worst nightmare comes true when she is taken hostage by insurgents. Rescued by her best friend and his team of SEALs, one moment of passion changes everything, and the new life she was building could come tumbling down around her.
 For Eric “Night” McNamara friendship means everything and when Lavender is kidnapped he’ll do anything to save her life and help…

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    Some Lies Will Haunt You (River’s End Rescues Book 2) by Jane Blythe

    Genre: Friends to lovers , Small town romantic suspense Buy link: Synopsis: Everyone has told lies but hers might get her killed. Maggie Wilson has spent her entire adult life pretending she’s self assured and confident, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. When her hotel catches fire she finds herself looking at a childhood friend through new eyes, but as she falls for him she realises that if she wants to have a future with him she’ll have to admit to the lies that have hung over her head for half a lifetime. If she does that she’ll lose him. Firefighter Theo Black walks through the flames…

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    Confessions of a Troubled Rebel by Lizzie James

    Buy Links: Amazon US : Amazon UK : Amazon CA : Amazon AU : Goodreads: SYNOPSIS Daisy RoweI was a nerd and I was good with that. Being popular wasn’t something that I was interested in. I had one goal and that was to keep my head down and train to be a teacher. So what happens when I’m asked to tutor the star player of the basketball team? I stupidly agree, but could it just be the biggest mistake of my life? Zane Phoenix I was popular. I had girls lining up to warm my bed. It was the upside to being me. Thing…

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    Untouchable by Sienna Grant

    Buy Link: Goodreads: Hosted by Phoenix Book Promo SYNOPSIS I’m Roman Dean. Actor and model. My job allowed me to get into any club I wanted to, but also I had the pick of any woman I desired. I wore that tag with pride. That is until the agency decided that they weren’t happy with my antics and a publicist would help to clean up my act……Cue Paisley Kennedy. She was the ghost from my past; the girl that was never pretty enough to hang out with us…But have you ever heard of the ugly duckling syndrome?Paisley had that in spades and had since turned into a beautiful…