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    Sweet Obsession Anthology by Various Authors

    Synopsis: Consumed by their sweet obsessions, these intense and powerful men only bow to the women of their dreams. Enemies become lovers, billionaires risk everything, and passion turns men into over-the-top protectors who will move heaven and earth to claim the women who’ve gripped their hearts and won’t let go. When it comes to claiming their Sweet Obsession, nothing else matters. The only thing these heroes can’t do is fail. If you crave swoon-worthy happily ever afters and men with mouths that will curl your toes, you’ve come to the right place. This collection of brand new, steamy, stand-alone romances is only available for a limited time. Reserve your copy…

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    Hiraeth by Various Authors

    Genre: Contemporary RomanceAnthology organiser: Indie Love Wales Releasing in June 9th Synopsys: Hiraeth is a difficult word to define.It is a sickness, a tug on the heart in the direction of home.It is nostalgia, a sense of yearning for a person who belongs in the past, a grief forsomethingirretrievably lost.It is longing, the what-ifs, should-nots and could have beens.An ancient sadness rooted in your bones.Discover how nine authors take the theme of Hiraeth and use it to weave tales of belonging,love and second chances in this incredible anthology, brought to you by Indie Love. Participating Authors Dani RenéNicola JaneAnna EdwardsPaula ActonStacey BroadbentRaven AmorEve L. MitchellStefany RamirezCarrie Austin-Malone

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    The Vendetta Plan by Kryssa James

    Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis: Would not letting go keep me from the one thing that mattered? I had plans for the two weeks after my brother’s seaside wedding in Oregon. I would drive to Las Vegas, where I would publicly destroy my famous ex-boyfriend for embarrassing me in his tell-all autobiography. I didn’t expect Julien Hart to find a way to come to the wedding with me. He was my best friend. We’d had a bad year as a result of that very same ex-boyfriend trying to push us apart and damaging our friendship forever…or so I thought. Julien wasn’t supposed to figure out my revenge plan, and he certainly…

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    Ask Me Nicely by Dania Voss

    Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis: He needs to ditch the attitude he has about her. She needs to get over her inconvenient attraction to him. Successful Chicago real estate developer Spencer D’Angelo will do anything for his family. Well, almost anything. When it comes to his younger sister’s best friend, curvy blonde bombshell Harper Mitchell, all bets are off. Spencer is inexplicably drawn to Harper, but he’s never trusted her. Things just don’t add up. Harper’s trouble with a capital T, even if the rest of his family doesn’t see it, and adores her. A California native, Harper unexpectedly finds herself jobless and homeless after the Feds raid the real estate firm she’s been…

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    Surf Sisters Secrets by Karen Proudlove

    Genre: Contemporary Romance, Seaside Romance Synopsis: Twenty-five-year old Molly, is the Archer family princess and working hard to win thelifestyle she “deserves,” the problem with this – she needs to find a man rich enough to keep her in luxury handbags and designer shoes. Everything is going to plan until she makes a decision that ruins her perfect reputation, and she has no choice but to run and hide. In a last-ditch attempt to salvage some self-worth she turns to the only person who can help, her sister Tessa. With an unfamiliar nervousness, Molly lands in the middle of her sister’s beautiful life in St. Ives, Cornwall, praying that she…

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    Lawsuit and Leather by Vivian Mae

    Genre: Contemporary Romance / New Adult Synopsis: A slow-burn, angsty, love triangle between childhood best friends and Hollywood’s baddest boy in the city. He loved me like a sister, and that alone made me want to die. Parker Jones was not only New York’s fiercest lawyer, but my childhood best friend and truest love. Moving in together was supposed to be a dream come true, but doing so because my business failed was a nightmare. Out of options—both with love and money— my future depended on the most important interview of my life. Never could I have expected how missing that single opportunity could land me in the lap of…

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    The Frustration by Cassie Lee Hart

    Genre: Contemporary Office Romance Synopsis: The news of Ryan’s arranged marriage hits Sydney hard. She’s distraught and angry with good reason. She also finds out that she’s been put on another project with him. As much as she’d rather run the other way, she refuses to back down. With her head held high, she reverts back to her Ice Queen attitude to protect her heart. Ryan feels horrible, he realizes how much Sydney really meant to him and he doesn’t want to lose her. Lauren is a nice woman, but how would she feel to hear that Ryan doesn’t want to marry her. Does she have her heart set on…

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    Keys to Paradise by Macy Butler

    Buy Link: Genre: Contemporary Romance Synopsis: Simon would rather be anywhere but London in winter—anywhere except a wedding, that is.It’s hard to celebrate love when you don’t believe in it. But it was his best mate, and he was best man. Bonus it was on an exclusive private island in the Florida Keys. Delaney isn’t sure how she landed the Executive Chef position at Paradise Key in the first place. Catering the resort’s inaugural wedding was the ultimate test. And fooling around with the best man is a surefire way to ruin the opportunity of a lifetime. My Review: Keys to Paradise was a good quick read for me.…

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    The Billionaire Doctor by Hope Paris

    Buy Link: Genre: Short Steamy Friends to Lovers Romance Synopsis: Nate Sydney Elliot is off-limits. I’ve known that for years. Then why can’t I take my eyes off her? I thought I put my forbidden attraction for her in the past, but when she turns up on my doorstep looking for a job, I’m faced with a horrifying realization – I’m in love with my best friend’s little sister. Sydney Ever since Nate broke my heart all those years ago, I’ve kept my distance… but I can’t avoid him forever. My crush has blossomed into full-blown lust – and this time, I want him more than ever, even if…