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    Edmund’s Last Heartbreak by Jean Marie

    Buy Link: Genre: Western Military Romance Synopsis: It destroyed me to hide this crush I had on my best friend.It destroyed me, even more, when I was attacked because of him. Let me backtrack for a moment… Edmund was married to a psycho.A complete psycho.Brandy made Edmund’s life a living hell when we made plans together.She even lunged at me when she became jealous of our friendship.And so I disappeared, to not cause any more problems.…until he got a divorce. Edmund being single meant that I could finally confess my feelings.And I was able to act on this crush after all these years.It meant that I could let him…

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    Bruce’s Troubled Temptation by Jean Marie

    Genre: Small town/ Military Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: Moving back home to help with my family ranch has turned into a brutal nightmare…Someone dangerous is after my life, and Bruce is my only hope. My other problem? Bruce is my brother’s best friend.That means I can’t have him.Not now, not ever. And yet, he risked his own life to save mine when I was attacked the first time. Bruce is irresistible. He’s so hot that he sets my soul on fire.But I see beyond that.Beyond the scar from his days in the military that makes him feel unlovable.I see his heart.His beautiful heart calls my name, but he’s too…