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    More than Friends by Kristy Gibs

    buy link: Blurb: There’s one rule to friendship: be present. I royally messed that up. Eight years ago, I met the man of my dreams, and he convinced me to leave my small town and the people I loved behind, including my best friend. I thought my sacrifice would result in a beautiful life with kids and happiness, but I was so wrong. Lies, deception, infidelity. That’s what the rich and powerful are good at, and it’s taken me way too long to realize the truth. Now, I’m heading back home, broke and broken, and scared to start fresh. If I could only pick up where my heart left…

  • Author Interview

    Kristy Gibs

    Let’s get you introduced to everyone, shall we?! Hi! My name is Kristy Gibs.  What prompted you to pursue a career as a writer? I secretly began writing in high school. It was a hobby of mine, an outlet for me. It took me 12 years to finally decide to self-publish and I currently have my 4th book set to release.  Do you have any special writing habits? I listen to music to that fits the genre and feel of the book. I find it helps me dive deeper into the feelings of the characters.  When you write a new book, do you already have the whole story in mind…