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    Take me to Heaven

    Genre: Military Romance RELEASE DATE: MARCH 26th 2022 Synopsis: This book has been previously released in 2020, but now it has a new story, edits and cover. KateTwenty-five and almost divorced. Not somewhere I ever wanted to be, but when your boyfriend’s father is dying and his last wish is to see his son married, you do what you’ve got to do. Isn’t that just a similie for my life? My brother is missing. My Squad being deployed. I’m heading into a war zone and my heart is stuck on a series of messages from a stranger. LoganIt’s been twelve years since she left, leaving me and my daughter without…

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    Edmund’s Last Heartbreak by Jean Marie

    Buy Link: Genre: Western Military Romance Synopsis: It destroyed me to hide this crush I had on my best friend.It destroyed me, even more, when I was attacked because of him. Let me backtrack for a moment… Edmund was married to a psycho.A complete psycho.Brandy made Edmund’s life a living hell when we made plans together.She even lunged at me when she became jealous of our friendship.And so I disappeared, to not cause any more problems.…until he got a divorce. Edmund being single meant that I could finally confess my feelings.And I was able to act on this crush after all these years.It meant that I could let him…

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    Bruce’s Troubled Temptation by Jean Marie

    Genre: Small town/ Military Romance Buy Link: Synopsis: Moving back home to help with my family ranch has turned into a brutal nightmare…Someone dangerous is after my life, and Bruce is my only hope. My other problem? Bruce is my brother’s best friend.That means I can’t have him.Not now, not ever. And yet, he risked his own life to save mine when I was attacked the first time. Bruce is irresistible. He’s so hot that he sets my soul on fire.But I see beyond that.Beyond the scar from his days in the military that makes him feel unlovable.I see his heart.His beautiful heart calls my name, but he’s too…

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    Ruckus by Zoe Dawson

    Genre: Military Romance Link: Synopsis: For U.S. Navy SEAL, Bowie “Ruckus” Cooper, going on a mission into the most dangerous place on earth wasn’t new, neither were the orders to tag and bag an international criminal, but when Bowie finds a captive American reporter, that wasn’t exactly run of the mill. Neither was getting separated from his team, teaming up with her or protecting her against all odds, while working to keep his hands from around her neck and off her delectable body.Fearless and bold photojournalist, Dana Sorenson never backed down from a fight or to showcase her dedication to reporting on the human condition. That’s what she thought…

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    Saving Eric (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) (Saving SEALs Book 2) by Jane Blythe

    Genre: Friends to lovers, Military Romance Buy link: Synopsis: Will guilt and bad choices prevent these two friends from falling in love?
 Lavender Vaile barely survived a madman, and the ordeal became the catalyst for re-evaluating her entire life. While working for an aid organization in Afghanistan her worst nightmare comes true when she is taken hostage by insurgents. Rescued by her best friend and his team of SEALs, one moment of passion changes everything, and the new life she was building could come tumbling down around her.
 For Eric “Night” McNamara friendship means everything and when Lavender is kidnapped he’ll do anything to save her life and help…