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    Crestone Awakens by Lucy Marsh

    Genre: Paranormal Romance Link: Synopsis: Author note. This is a new edition of Crestone Awakens, it includes not just a new cover but also expanded content and scenes never before seen. Opulence. It surrounded her. She’d mastered the role of a spoiled society princess, and she’d never felt so empty. Yet Grier Ponce refused to continue to live as her status dictated. It was time to make a change and help those that her rich father had left in poverty. His life had been an unending blur of pain and fighting. The military had altered his DNA and made him into something… different. He’d become the peacekeeper in his…

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    Coven of Love A Halloween Romance Anthology by Shanna Swenson, JD Park, Melissa Williams, Sutton Fox, M.L. Broome, K.O. Newman, Nicole Rodrigues, DL Gallie, Marla Holt

    Genre: Contemporary & Paranormal Romance Buy Link: GOODREADS LINK: BOOKBUB LINK: BLURB Beware: Scary-hot romance ahead! Ever wonder about the things that go bump in the night – Halloween night to be exact? Well these romance authors have added a dash of love to their cauldrons this Halloween to bring you nine tales of contemporary and paranormal romance that will get your cauldron bubbling.  Journey with JD Park, Shanna Swenson, Marla Holt, DL Gallie, Nicole Rodrigues, K.O. Newman, M.L. Broome, Melissa Williams, and Sutton Fox as we weave magically romantic tales of curses, witches, black cats, vampires, ghosts, and even paranormal dragon shifters. Covering tropes from friends-to-lovers to fated-mates and everything in between, these stories are…

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    Discovered: The Found #1 by Dawson Dare

    Genre: Paranormal Romance Free in KU Buy Link: GOODREADS LINK: BLURB Kelly grew up knowing she was different, special, always wondering why she stood out from others.  She never expected to be held hostage and tortured to uncover secrets she doesn’t know exist. Noah grew up knowing he was different, special, but his adopted family kept this a closely guarded secret.  Now a highly decorated naval officer who leads a special operations force, his job is to find Kelly and bring her home alive. When Kelly and Noah meet, heat builds as their shared past begins to slowly come into focus.  Powers they never knew existed, burst forth as their passion blazes.  As…