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    His Princess by Day Leclaire

    Buy Link: Genre: Steamy Royalty Romance Synopsis: Alyssa’s My-Life-Sucks List: Forced to fly to the European kingdom of Verdonia to bail my mom out… Again. Discovered I’m a frigging princess! (Should have led with that, but it’s not as cool as you might think. I get it, Meghan. I get it!!) Told I had to marry this mean prince or else… (They have actual dungeons in Verdonia and I am not a dungeon kind of girl!) Kidnapped at the altar and on the run with a man who leaves me shaking with desire. (Don’t you just hate when that happens?!?) Merrick’s Saving-the-Kingdom List: Coffee. Must have coffee. (Hey, even…

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    His Mistress by Day Leclaire

    Buy Link: Genre: Steamy Royalty Romance Synopsis: Julianna’s List of Secrets: I have lousy taste in men. (Which explains why I let one ruin my career.) I’m operating under a secret alias. (My career fail was so epic, I’m globally blacklisted!) I meet Prince Charming at an actual ball (aka Lander Montgomery) and don’t even realize it! I kind of think I love this guy, but I’ll ruin his life if he discovers my true identity. (See #2!) If I marry Lander, I could cost him his kingdom. (See #1-3!) Lander’s Save-the-Kingdom List: Save my kingdom at all costs. (No matter what it entails!) Taking Juliana for my mistress is a bad political…